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"We provide complete financial services for tracking of the contracted exhibit space and sponsorships."

Exhibition Management

We deliver memorable experiences to attendees and exhibitors and financial success to you.

In tandem with sales, the efficient administration of the exhibition is critical to delivering a successful experience with strong financial results. MPA has extensive insight, experience and relationships with facilities, convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs) and suppliers that will yield savings of both time and money in the management of the exhibition.  Exhibitor retention from year to year is critical to the long-term success of an exhibition and excellent customer service is the foundation to maintaining high retention rates and long-term exhibitor satisfaction.

Overall exhibition management includes:

  • Site selection and contract negotiation
  • Design floor plans based on each venue that ensure maximum traffic flow.
  • Develop sponsorship programs specific to each venue and the needs of the client and exhibitors.
  • Establish a communication plan for show updates through deadline reminders, event website and newsletters.
  • Manage interface to online booths and interactive floor plans.
  • Service contractor negotiations/management
  • Reports and support services for client and third party audits
  • Provide personalized support both in advance and onsite for exhibitors. Establish on-going relationships by assisting exhibitors in achieving the maximum value from their participation.

Financial Management
Complete financial services are provided to track contracted exhibit space and sponsorships; including historical transactions, invoicing and payment processing, internet merchant payment processing, and generating and administering all contracts with exhibitors and contractors.

Financial and Management Services Include:

  • Establish and maintain event budget
  • Invoice distribution and payment collection for exhibition and sponsorship revenue
  • Regular financial reports based on client requirements
  • Set up payment processing for credit cards, wire transfers, EFT and checks.
  • Balance and reconcile all accounts
  • Supply reports and data for event audits based on client requirements