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“We work with you to define goals, sponsorship programs, target markets, and programs.”

Exhibit Space Sales & Marketing Opportunities

MPA works with you to define goals, sponsorship programs, target markets, and programs that serve to enhance the exhibition. Through close working relationships with conference committees, we set strategic direction to ensure all developing and tangential markets are included in the exhibition.

Exhibit Space

MPA has coordinated exhibits ranging in size from a few tabletop displays to over 250,000 square feet of exhibit space. We create exhibition floor plans to meet the needs of the sponsoring organization, participating exhibitors and attendees. This includes designing the layout to include the appropriate booth sizes and inventory, traffic flow, official pavilions and other exhibition supported areas as needed.

Exhibit Sales and Promotion Development
MPA conceives and develops pricing of the exhibit floor, exhibit promotions and advertising based on conference income needs, and input from exhibitors and committees. We act as sales agents to sell exhibit space, promotions/sponsorships, meeting rooms, and other revenue opportunities. MPA further supports the sales process by providing excellent customer service and working to maintain high retention rates and long-term exhibitor satisfaction.

Event Promotion
MPA works with its clients to develop pre-show promotions that offer substantial marketplace penetration promoting your event. We create comprehensive individual plans to advertise your event including: direct mail and email campaigns, websites, banner and print ads, online and social media - to name a few. The MPA marketing and support staff will work to generate prospective exhibitor leads from a variety of sources including targeted advertising, monitoring websites, blogs, journals, related events and other sources.