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Online Proceedings

MP Associates can produce the proceedings of all accepted papers and make them available in Electronic Format hosted on the Amazon Cloud.  MP Associates will have the complete paper, any additional information to be included in the Proceedings must be provided by the customer.  The proceedings will include a table of context and an author index.  All eligible attendees will have access to the proceedings through an easy to navigate dashboard, this could include access to the conference program, tutorial notes, and workshop notes.

Online Proceedings:

  • Online Electronic distribution of tutorial notes, workshop notes, conference proceedings papers
  • Searchable by date, author name, session name
  • Ability to download all papers/files at one time
  • Create Table of Contents, searchable author index
  • Access to website options:
    • MP Associates registration ID and email address
      • Ability to deliver files based on what the attendee registered for
    • Generic conference credentials
      • User name password / not secure
    • Ability to work with 3rd party registration vendor with API calls to access files
    • Ability to have user create miscellaneous account to access files